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Laura Alonso i Alemany

Natural Language Processing Group
Computer Science Department
FaMAF (Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física)
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

curriculum vitae


you can reach me at
office 283 (2nd floor)
Haya de la Torre s/n - Ciudad Universitaria
Córdoba - Argentina
Phone: +54 351 433 4051 - Int. 271
Fax: +54 351 433 4054

but the best way to find me is definitely by e-mail, writing to alemany at famaf.unc.edu.ar


I am a member of the Natural Language Processing research group at the FaMAF (Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía y Física) Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

I am also a member of the Grial research group, back in Catalunya, where I got my PhD, and I am working about rich representations of sentential semantics for corpus annotation and automatic knowledge acquisition, within the SENSEM project.

In my PhD research I wanted to provide a model discourse structure that was useful for automated text summarization, which resulted in the thesis Representing discourse for automatic text summarization via shallow NLP. Do you want to know more?

But I have also worked in some other things, if you want to have a more concrete idea of my work, check my publications.

What else?


I have been teaching some courses on text mining and I am teaching Inteligencia Artificial in the second semester of 2009.

You may want to peruse the manual on Perl basics resulting from a short course on Perl for Linguists, but beware: it was meant for people with no programming experience and is written in Catalan.

Research beyond science

I enjoy myself talking about NLP to people who are unaware of what it can be... and can not be! I gave some introductory talks, the most recent at ELiC 2010 Workshop on NLP methods and techniques (in Spanish). I use some slides which list free tools for Natural Language Processing, and introduce the usage of some very nice tools, like FreeLing and Weka.

Together with Henk Zeevat I organized Workshop on Formal and Computational Approaches to Discourse and Other Particles, in Barcelona, on the 7th and 8th of April 2005, in succession to the workshop on the meaning and implementation of discourse particles at the ESSLLI Summer School in Vienna.


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